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Meet the heart of Weston Hardwood

hotc_2Joe Fazari – President of Weston Hardwood

Joe Fazari was born into the hardwood flooring industry. Under his father’s guidance, Joe learned the trade and, from an early age, he realized that this is what he wanted to do with his life.

The start of Joes professional career was in 1983, Joe oversees the entire Weston operation. He is also responsible for the company’s marketing initiatives and product development. It is his vision that has been responsible for the success of the company to date and will continue to mold the long-term plans for the business.

Joe Raso – Vice President of Internal Operations

With many years of experience running the day-to-day operations of a business, Joe Raso joined the Weston team as Operations Manager and has now been with Weston from the begining. In a business where service and reliability are of key importance, Joe manages the scheduling and quality control at Weston to ensure our clients are provided with the best products and the highest level of service possible. Joe has been described as calm and level-headed; he is someone who takes control when a problem arises and sets the necessary plans in motion.

Joe is also an “idea man” and has implemented a number of innovative initiatives at Weston, including the Warehouse Sale Program. He is consistently reviewing new concepts to see how to make improvements at Weston and ensures that he keeps up with the latest advances in flooring technology through certifications provided by industry leaders.

hotc_3Frank Barbieri – Vice President of Onsite Operations

Since the start, Frank Barbieri has managed all of the outside operations for Weston. As the field supervisor, he handles the on-site visits and also acts as the client liaison. He is responsible for overseeing product installations, managing labour, and resolving any customer issues that arise.

Frank’s intuitive nature has ensured that any project he manages is properly handled from start to finish. Frank is a real “people person” with an easy-going personality and has been described by co-workers as the “complete package”. He is very hands-on and is always available when a client needs him.

The Weston Hardwood story

Seeking a better life for his family, Pasquale Fazari arrives from Italy in 1952. Finding work on the assembly line in a hardwood flooring manufacturing plant, he was impressed with how the hardwood flooring was made and the beauty of how it enriches a home. He spent a number of years perfecting the trade; installing, sanding, and finishing.

In 1958, Pasquale, my father, and his brother Domenic opened their first hardwood flooring company called FAZARI BROTHERS FLOORING. In 1959, they incorporated another company called PAT FLOORING LTD. Bringing in with them their younger brother Mike, they serviced the new home builders and consumer needs. The company expanded to one of the largest residential hardwood floor contractors in the country, developing a relationship not only with new home builders, but also with the general public.

In 1983, at 18 years of age, I came into the business to learn the hands-on aspect of the trade. My workday consisted of installing, sanding, staining, finishing and repairing. My father wouldn’t have it any other way. “You can’t expect someone to work for you if you don’t know how to do the work yourself”; words of wisdom which I value today. When he felt I was ready, my father then gave me the opportunity to open my own business. Twenty-one years later, I opened the doors to my own company called WESTON HARDWOOD DESIGN CENTRE INC.

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